Fitness Programs Available In Grande Prairie

Our Fitness Programs

BPM Fitness Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Personal Training

Unlock your fitness potential with personalized training at BPM Fitness. 

Our expert trainers tailor workouts to meet your unique goals, ensuring a balanced approach to your wellness journey.

Fitness Classes

Join our dynamic Fitness Classes, offering a blend of challenge and fun. 

With a supportive community and varied schedule, transforming your fitness routine has never been more engaging.

Adult Boxing Classes

Step into the ring with our Adult Boxing Classes.

Whether recreational or competitive, our professional coaching provides the right environment for you to learn, grow, and compete.

Youth Boxing Classes

Nurture budding boxing talent with our Youth Boxing Classes. 

A safe, encouraging space for young athletes to develop skills, discipline, and confidence under expert guidance.


Elevate your fitness with our high-energy Kickboxing classes. 

Combining martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio, discover a thrilling and effective workout experience.

Women's Bootcamp

Empower your fitness journey in our Women’s Bootcamp.

Designed for women, by women, this program provides a supportive environment to reach and surpass your fitness goals.

StrongHER Classes

Discover your strength in our StrongHER Classes.

Crafted to enhance women’s strength and camaraderie, join us to redefine what strength means to you.


Optimize your health with Nutritionist Services.

Our certified nutritionists will work closely with you to develop a personalized nutrition plan that fits your unique needs and objectives.

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